230V GU10 Triple Spotlight - Antique Brass

230V GU10 Triple Spotlight - Antique Brass

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Illuminate your space with the 230V GU10 Triple Spotlight in Antique Brass—a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. This spotlight fixture not only provides adjustable and directional lighting but also adds a touch of antique elegance to your home or commercial setting.

Key Features:

  1. Antique Brass Finish: The spotlight features an antique brass finish that exudes classic appeal. The warm and inviting tone of antique brass adds a vintage touch, making it a stylish addition to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

  2. Triple Spotlight Design: With three adjustable directional heads, this spotlight allows you to customize the lighting in different directions. This design flexibility ensures that you can highlight specific areas or objects in your space, creating a dynamic and well-lit environment.

  3. Adjustable Heads: The individual spotlight heads are designed for 350° rotation and 90° tilt, providing you with precise control over the direction of the light. This feature makes it ideal for accentuating artwork, focal points, or specific functional areas in a room.

  4. Dimmable Functionality: Enjoy the convenience of dimming the lights to create the desired ambiance. The fixture is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your mood, time of day, or specific lighting needs. (Dimmable subject to lamp compatibility)

  5. Versatile Application: Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, this antique brass triple spotlight is a versatile lighting solution. Whether you want to enhance the lighting in your living room, bedroom, or office, this fixture blends seamlessly with various settings.

  6. Matching Items and Options: To maintain a cohesive aesthetic in your space, explore matching items and different colour options within the collection. This allows you to coordinate your lighting fixtures for a unified and stylish look.

Enhance your space with the charm of the 230V GU10 Triple Spotlight in Antique Brass—bringing timeless elegance and functional lighting to your interior design.


  • Diameter: 54 mm
  • Projection: 125 mm
  • Tilt: 90 degrees
  • Rotation: 350 degrees