Ronda 2 Light Wall Light Grey
Ronda 2 Light Wall Light Grey In Use
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Ronda 2 Light Wall Light Grey

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The Ronda 2 Light Wall Light in Grey – a sleek and versatile lighting solution designed for bedrooms, hotel rooms, lounges, and hallways. With its slim-line design and thoughtful features, the Ronda wall lamp effortlessly combines functionality and style, creating an inviting ambiance in any space.

Key Features:

  1. Slim-Line Design:

    • The Ronda wall lamp boasts a slim-line design that minimizes its protrusion into the room. This feature makes it an ideal choice for areas with limited space, providing both style and functionality without overwhelming the surroundings.
  2. Two E27 (ES) Lamp Holders:

    • Equipped with two E27 (ES) lamp holders, the wall lamp allows you to customize the light output based on your preferences. Use energy-efficient LED lamps to achieve the perfect illumination while reducing energy consumption.
  3. Grey Faux Silk Shade:

    • The grey faux silk shade adds a touch of sophistication to the Ronda wall light. Its neutral colour enhances the overall aesthetics, making it suitable for a variety of interior styles.
  4. Acrylic Diffusers for Glare-Free Light:

    • The wall lamp features acrylic diffusers at the top and bottom, ensuring a glare-free light. This thoughtful design element contributes to a comfortable and visually pleasing lighting experience.
  5. Versatile Placement:

    • Specifically designed for bedrooms and hotel rooms, the Ronda wall lamp is also suitable for lounge areas and hallways. Its adaptability makes it a versatile lighting solution for creating a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere.
  6. LED Lamp Compatibility:

    • The Ronda 2 Light Wall Light is compatible with E27 (ES) lamps. For optimal energy efficiency and a choice of warm or cool lighting, consider using LED lamps. Explore our range of LED lamps for the complete selection.

Enhance your living spaces with the understated elegance of the Ronda 2 Light Wall Light in Grey. Its thoughtful design, combined with versatile functionality, makes it a standout choice for creating a hotel-inspired ambiance in your home. Illuminate your surroundings with style using the Ronda wall lamp.


  • Measurements: Diameter 12.5 x Height 11 x Width 40cm
  • Shade Measurements: Diameter 13 x Height 10.5 x Width 40cm
  • Fixing Plate Dimensions: Diameter 2.5 x Height 10 x Width 22cm
  • Finish: Grey
  • Material: Fabric
  • Nett Weight (kg): 1 kg
  • Suitable: Indoor
  • Electrical Class: Class II, Double Insulated
  • Lamp: 2 x 10w max ES GLS
  • Recommended Lamp: BUL-E27-LED-17