Latina Polycarbonate Wall Lantern With PIR 42W White

Latina Polycarbonate Wall Lantern With PIR 42W White

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The Latina Polycarbonate Wall Lantern offers contemporary and durable outdoor lighting with the following features:

  • Modern Design: Complements various architectural styles with its sleek, contemporary design, enhancing your outdoor areas.

  • Polycarbonate Build: Crafted from resilient polycarbonate, it resists corrosion, ensuring its durability in outdoor environments.

  • IP65 Rating: Designed to withstand dust and moisture, it's suitable for residential and commercial outdoor use.

  • Versatile Installation: Offers flexible installation with options for top or bottom arm mounting, providing convenience and adaptability for installers.

  • Tinted Lens: Equipped with a tinted lens for enhanced light source protection and an appealing aesthetic.

  • PIR Version: Selecting the PIR (Passive Infrared) version enables motion detection for enhanced security, with installation options limited to bottom arm mounting.

The Latina Polycarbonate Wall Lantern in white is a contemporary and robust lighting solution, seamlessly blending style and functionality for your outdoor spaces.


  • Lamp: E27
  • Colour: White
  • Wattage: 42W