Francy OP LED 2x3W GX53 In Use
Fumagalli Francy OP LED 2x3W GX53
Francy OP LED 2x3W GX53 Dimensions
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Fumagalli Francy OP LED 2x3W GX53

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The Francy OP LED 2x3W GX53 is a modern LED bulkhead designed for outdoor use in gardens and recreation areas. Let's explore the key features that make this lighting solution a versatile and reliable choice for outdoor spaces.

Key Features:

  1. Modern Design: The Francy OP LED features a modern design with a black body and opal diffuser. The sleek and contemporary appearance makes it suitable for various outdoor settings, adding both style and functionality.

  2. GX53 Modular LED Light System: This bulkhead is equipped with the GX53 Modular LED Light System, providing flexibility and energy efficiency. The fixture comes with 2 x 3W energy-efficient LED GX53 lamps, offering a total of 700 lumens of brightness.

  3. Energy-Efficient LED Lamps: The included LED lamps have a combined power of 6W (2 x 3W). They provide energy-efficient illumination while offering the flexibility to choose from different colour temperatures: 2700K Warm White, 4000K Cool White, and 6500K Daylight White.

  4. RESIN Material: Constructed from tough shock-proof resin material, the Francy OP LED is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. The resin material ensures durability, and it is UV-ray stabilized, rust-free, and corrosion-free.

  5. Anti-Rust Life-Time Guarantee: The bulkhead comes with an anti-rust life-time guarantee, assuring users of its resistance to rust over an extended period. This makes it particularly suitable for coastal regions where exposure to salt and humidity is common.

  6. Ideal for Coastal Regions: Designed with coastal regions in mind, the Francy OP LED is well-suited for areas where outdoor fixtures are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Its anti-rust properties make it a durable choice for coastal applications.

  7. TÜV Approved: The fixture is TÜV approved, indicating compliance with quality and safety standards. TÜV certification adds to the overall reliability and quality assurance of the product.

  8. Fully Recyclable: The Francy OP LED is fully recyclable, contributing to environmentally friendly practices. The use of recyclable materials aligns with sustainability efforts.

  9. Anti-Shock Body: The bulkhead is designed with an anti-shock body, providing additional safety and durability. This feature ensures that the fixture can withstand minor impacts and vibrations.

  10. IP55 Rated: With an IP55 rating, the Francy OP LED offers effective protection against dust and water ingress. This rating makes it suitable for outdoor installations, providing resilience against various weather conditions.

Enhance the outdoor lighting in your garden or recreation area with the Francy OP LED 2x3W GX53. Its modern design, energy-efficient LED technology, and durable construction make it an excellent choice for both style and performance in outdoor lighting applications.


  • Power: 6 W (2 x 3 W)
  • Luminous Flux (Lumen): 700 lm (2 x 350 lm)
  • Colour Designation: CCT Selectable
  • Colour Temperature (Kelvin): 3000K or 4000K or 6500K
  • LED Technology: LED GX53 (2 x 3W)
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • IP Rating (Ingress Protection): IP66
  • Input Voltage: 100 -240 VAC
  • Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Electrical Classification: II
  • Depth: 85 mm
  • Width: 130 mm
  • Length/Height: 300 mm
  • Case Colour: Black
  • Case Material: Resin (Anti-Rust)