Crushed Mercury Glass Floor Lamp

Crushed Mercury Glass Floor Lamp

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The Crushed Mercury Glass Floor Lamp – an exquisite lighting solution that combines artistic flair with sophisticated design to elevate your living space.

Key Features:

  • Crushed Mercury Glass Spheres: The distinctive feature of this floor lamp lies in the two crushed mercury glass spheres that gracefully encircle the stem near the top. These glass elements add a touch of opulence and create a mesmerizing play of light when illuminated.

  • Antique Brass Finish: The floor lamp boasts an antique brass finish that exudes timeless elegance. The warm and rich tones of antique brass complement the crushed mercury glass, creating a harmonious and luxurious aesthetic.

  • Artistic Flair: Beyond its functionality, this floor lamp is a work of art that enhances the visual appeal of your space. The unique combination of crushed mercury glass and antique brass adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any room.

  • Illuminated Elegance: When lit, the crushed mercury glass spheres come to life, reflecting and refracting light to create a captivating display. The floor lamp provides both ambient and direct lighting, making it a versatile and elegant addition to your home.

  • Height and Presence: Standing tall and commanding attention, the Crushed Mercury Glass Floor Lamp becomes a focal point in your room. Its height and presence make it suitable for various spaces, from living rooms to bedrooms, offering both functional lighting and decorative allure.

Elevate your interior with the Crushed Mercury Glass Floor Lamp – a stunning blend of artistic expression and functional lighting. Embrace the enchanting ambiance it creates while adding a touch of glamour to your home.


  • Height: 1650mm 
  • Diameter: 406mm