Ansell Unity 28W LED Wallwash White

Ansell Unity 28W LED Wallwash White

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The Ansell Unity 28W LED Wallwash in White is a powerful and versatile lighting fixture designed to provide effective illumination and highlight architectural features.

Key Features:

  • Powerful LED Lighting: Equipped with a 28W LED, this wall wash fixture provides bright and even illumination across the wall or surface it's directed towards.
  • White Finish: The white finish of the fixture ensures that it seamlessly blends into various interior designs and colour schemes.
  • Effective Wall Washing: Designed to effectively wash the wall with light, enhancing the visual appeal of the space and highlighting specific architectural elements or artwork.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, such as art galleries, museums, retail spaces, and modern homes, where highlighting walls or specific areas is essential.
  • Energy-Efficient: LED technology ensures energy efficiency, providing substantial energy savings over traditional lighting options.

Illuminate and accentuate your space with the Ansell Unity 28W LED Wallwash in White, a powerful lighting solution designed for effective wall washing and highlighting key features in any environment.


  • Type of dimming: Not dimmable
  • Radiation angle: Medium beam 20-40°
  • Outer diameter: 162 mm
  • Type of control gear: LED operating device current-controlled
  • Fit for monitor workplace: Yes
  • Fire resistance "D": false
  • Effective luminous flux: 2807 lm
  • Build in insulated ceiling, fire-resistance "F with roof": false
  • Colour temperature: 4000-4000 K
  • Colour rendering index CRI: 80-89
  • Lamp holder: None
  • Suitable for surface mounting: false
  • Suitable for ceiling mounting: Yes
  • Suitable for built-in mounting: Yes
  • Suitable for lamp power: 28-28 W
  • Suitable for number of lamps: 1
  • Suitable for suspended mounting: false
  • Suitable for wall mounting: false
  • Colour housing: White
  • Filament test according to IEC 60695-2-10: 650 °C - 30 s
  • Height/depth: 138 mm
  • Lamp power at multiwatt: Not applicable
  • Lamp type: LED not exchangeable
  • Light outlet: Direct
  • Colour of light: White
  • Light sharing: Asymmetric
  • Control gear included: Yes
  • With movement sensor: false
  • With lamp: Yes
  • With light sensor: false
  • Nominal voltage: 230-230 V
  • Nominal current: 150-150 mA
  • Emergency unit integrated: false
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP20
  • Protection class: II
  • Voltage type: AC
  • System power: 28 W
  • Ambient temperature: -20 - 50 °C
  • Adjustability: Rotating and swivelling
  • Material housing: Aluminium