6 Light Black + Copper

6 Light Black + Copper

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The 6 Light Black + Copper Vintage Surface Fitting – a distinctive lighting fixture that combines a bold black finish with elegant copper accents. Here's an overview of its features:

Key Features:

  1. Vintage-inspired Design: Timeless Appeal

    • The 6 Light Black + Copper Vintage Surface Fitting boasts a vintage-inspired design that exudes timeless charm. The combination of a bold black finish and sophisticated copper accents adds character and style to any space.
  2. Six-Light Configuration: Abundant Illumination

    • Featuring six lights, this surface fitting provides abundant illumination, making it suitable for various settings. The multiple lights contribute to a well-lit and inviting atmosphere, whether installed in residential or commercial spaces.
  3. Dawn Vintage Aesthetic: Stylish Statement

    • The "Dawn Vintage" aesthetic of the surface fitting enhances its overall stylish appeal. The vintage-inspired design reflects a classic era while incorporating modern elements, making it a versatile choice for contemporary and traditional interiors alike.
  4. Surface Mounting: Easy Installation

    • Designed for surface mounting, this fitting offers easy installation on ceilings or other surfaces. The surface mount design ensures stability and a secure fixture placement.
  5. Black Finish: Bold and Striking

    • The bold black finish of the fixture adds a touch of drama and sophistication. Black is a versatile colour that complements a variety of design styles, making this surface fitting a statement piece in any room.
  6. Copper Finish Accents: Elegance and Warmth

    • The copper finish accents provide an elegant contrast to the black, infusing warmth and richness into the design. Copper details add a layer of sophistication and contribute to the overall visual interest of the fixture.
  7. Vintage Surface Fitting: Classic Appeal

    • As a vintage surface fitting, this fixture captures the classic appeal of bygone eras. The combination of vintage aesthetics and contemporary features makes it a standout choice for those seeking a blend of classic and modern design elements.

Illuminate your surroundings with the vintage allure of the 6 Light Black + Copper Vintage Surface Fitting. The harmonious interplay of black and copper creates a visually captivating fixture that enhances the ambiance of your chosen space.


  • Height: 120mm 
  • Width: 360mm 
  • Length: 670mm
  • Lightbulbs: 6 X E27 40W