6 Light Antique Brass Ceiling Light

6 Light Antique Brass Ceiling Light

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The 6 Light Antique Brass Ceiling Light combines classic design elements with functional illumination, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room. Featuring a cylindrical shape, this ceiling light boasts an antique brass frame that exudes vintage charm and sophistication.

The design showcases six lights arranged in two tiers, with three lights grouped together on each level. The antique brass finish adds warmth and richness to the overall aesthetic, while the glass surrounding the lights allows for ample illumination to brighten up the space.

With a width of 43cm and a height of 88cm, this ceiling light is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms, providing both ambient and task lighting. Whether installed in a living room, dining area, or hallway, it serves as a focal point while offering functional lighting for various activities.

Illuminate your space in style with the timeless appeal of the 6 Light Antique Brass Ceiling Light, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality to create a captivating lighting fixture for your home.


  • Width: 43cm
  • Height: 88cm
  • Lightbulbs: 6 X E14