5W Led Picture Light Antique Brass With Adjustable Head

5W Led Picture Light Antique Brass With Adjustable Head

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Enhance the beauty of your artwork and wall décor with the Antique Brass 5W LED Picture Light featuring an adjustable head. This elegant and efficient lighting solution adds a touch of sophistication to your space while highlighting the details of your pictures.

Key Features:

  1. Antique Brass Finish:

    • The picture light comes in a timeless antique brass finish, providing a classic and elegant look. This warm and rich tone complements a variety of interior styles, making it a versatile addition to your home.
  2. 81 LED Lights:

    • The picture light is equipped with 81 LED lights, ensuring ample illumination for your pictures or artwork. LED technology is energy-efficient and long-lasting, providing a reliable and eco-friendly lighting solution.
  3. Adjustable Head:

    • Customize the lighting angle to suit your preferences with the adjustable head feature. Direct the light precisely onto your pictures, creating the perfect showcase for your art.
  4. Compact Wall Attachment:

    • The compact design of the wall attachment keeps the focus on your artwork without taking up excessive space on your walls. It provides a neat and unobtrusive solution for highlighting pictures.
  5. Rocker Switch:

    • The handy rocker switch allows for easy on/off control, providing convenient access to your picture lighting. This user-friendly feature adds to the overall functionality of the picture light.
  6. Efficient 5W Power:

    • The 5W LED power ensures efficient and effective lighting. Strike the right balance between showcasing your art and maintaining an energy-conscious approach to lighting.
  7. Enhances Art and Wall Décor:

    • The purpose of the picture light is to enhance the visual impact of your artwork and wall décor. The warm glow from the antique brass fixture adds a layer of sophistication to your displayed pieces.
  8. Versatile Use:

    • Suitable for various settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, galleries, and hallways, the Antique Brass LED Picture Light is a versatile solution for elevating the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Upgrade your art display with the Antique Brass 5W LED Picture Light, combining classic elegance with modern LED technology. Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable lighting and the warm ambiance it brings to your cherished pictures and wall décor.


  • Height: 110mm
  • Width: 640mm
  • Length: 640mm
  • Projection: 210mm
  • Switch: Rocker Switch
  • Bulb Type: Integrated LED 5W
  • Lumens: 460lm
  • Colour temperature: 3000K 
  • Weight: 0.70Kg