Fumagalli Ceci 4W LED 120mm Ground Light

Fumagalli Ceci 4W LED 120mm Ground Light

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The Fumagalli Ceci 4W LED 120mm Ground Light is a durable and versatile in-ground luminaire designed for drive-over applications. It's constructed from shockproof resin material, ensuring its strength and durability. The luminaire is also UV-rays stabilized, making it resistant to rust and corrosion.

You can choose from round or square shapes, and there are several cover versions available to suit your design preferences. It comes standard with a TÜV-approved, long-life, and efficient GX53 LED lamp included. With insulation class II and a high protection rating of IP67, it's a reliable choice for outdoor lighting installations, providing both safety and functionality.


  • Size: ⌀120mm ; height: 93mm
  • Material: PC (diffuser), resin (body)
  • Wiring: LED, GX53
  • Installation: in-ground
  • Body Colour: Black