Benefits of the Robus Connect Smart Home System


Smart home technology from Robus is leading the way in making your home or business more energy and cost efficient. Robus Connect is a cloud based smart home system that transforms the way you interact with devices including lights, sensors, doorbells and cameras. Here is some of the benefits.


On/Off: Turn your Robus smart products on/off using your phone.

Dimming – Control how bright your lights are at any time.

Grouping – Use the Robus Connect devices individually or group them together, allowing you to control them room by room.

Multi-User – Give access to anyone in the house with internet connection so they too can control Robus Connect.

Schedules – Set timers for your devices to come on/off.

Colour Selection – Choose different colour temperatures straight from your mobile.

Automation - Allow your devices to respond to scenarios automatically. Set your lights to react to different temperatures, humidity, sunrise etc. For example, set your hall lights to turn on when your front door is opened.

Energy Saving – By controlling and scheduling your smart home devices will ensure there is less wasted energy.

Set the scene – Customise the settings to match your mood. For example, you may want your lights to gradually turn on to wake you up with the sunrise in the morning. Maybe ‘Party Time’ for when you are entertaining guests.

Security – Robus Connect products will allow you to keep your family home safe and protected. You can keep an eye on what’s happening inside and outside when no one is home. Footage is recorded and stored on the cloud.

Multi-location – As long as you are connected to internet you can control your devices from anywhere in the world. You could be on holiday checking that you turned the lights off before you left!

Motion Sensor – Robus connect sensor can detect movement in your home.

Use with the Cloud- Robus connect will link with your google home or amazon Alexa to use voice control and further enjoy the benefits of a smart home. ‘Alexa, turn the kitchen strip lights red’

Now that you know the benefits, have a look at some of the products available at The Light House to begin building your smart home.


Robus Wi-Fi Camera Connect 4.5W Indoor 1080p 2-Way Audio IP20

Used with the Robus Connect App and other Connect devices, these attractive modern looking cameras with integrated Wi-Fi, monitor, notify and record movements in the sensing area onto SD card. Available in IP20 and IP65 ratings for Indoor and Outdoor applications they add an additional layer of security to your home for peace of mind.

Robus 7W LED Ultimum Connect IP65 Tunable Downlight Fire Rated

This new version of the Ultimum downlight is the first of an exciting new ROBUS Connect family of products. It combines the great performance characteristics of the Ultimum with the latest in WI-FI APP controllability using the ROBUS Connect App. This provides mobile phone and remote access control over the internet of ROBUS Connect products including on/off switching, tuneable colour temperature, dim level, grouping and scene setting and also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa WI-FI devices.

Robus Wi-Fi Doorbell Connect 1080p Camera IP54 Black

That’s right, you can also choose a doorbell that does more than just ring. The ROBUS DOORBELL CONNECT not only lets you know someone is at the door, it allows you to view who that is through the ROBUS CONNECT App before you answer it. The ROBUS DOORBELL CONNECT is IP54 rated and has a built-in camera with 2-way audio. It will also work alongside all of your other cloud connected devices.

Robus 12AWi-Fi Plug Connect

Use the ROBUS PLUG CONNECT to make home appliances WIFI Controllable. We have all experienced that fear that we forgot to turn something off when we left the house, whether that’s a hair straightener, iron, radio etc. Using a ROBUS PLUG CONNECT on these devices will ensure that on the rare occasion you have left something on, you have the power to turn them off in the app at any time. Set the app to turn the plug off after a certain period or after certain power usage.

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Robus Switch Connect 2 Gang Bluetooth Switch

Control all ROBUS CONNECT products in your home via SWITCH CONNECT BLE Wall Switch. The switch can be easily attached to any wall in your home with no wiring required or you can choose to transport it between rooms. With an unlimited amount of settings, ROBUS CONNECT has never been easier to use.
robus connect switch, bluetooth switch, smart home,, the light house

Robus 5W WiFi LED GU10 Smart Lamp RGB + Tunable White

This GU10 lamp joins the exciting new ROBUS CONNECT family of products. Simply replace the existing ROBUS GU10 lamp and download the ROBUS CONNECT App to control the downlights over WIFI or data by mobile phone locally or remotely. Group lamps together and set scenes by controlling on/off switching, dim level and tunable white colour temperature. Integrate the lamps with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa WIFI devices for voice activated control.

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